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Tan Laboratory

Department of Mechanical and Control Engineering
Kyushu Institute of Technology

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Welcome to our website. Our laboratory is Visual Sensing Laboratory. You may have met various intelligent robots in robot shops, research labs, films, or even in cartoons. They have eyes to find their luggages, friends, enemies (!), etc. A camera and computer system takes an important role in realizing such functions. A camera is an eye and a computer is a brain.

Image processing is a field where an image taken by a camera is processed by a computer in order to get various kinds of useful information from it. An intelligent robot uses this information in order to decide its next action. Otherwise the information is used for creating other useful image entities such as three-dimensional human characters acting in video games.

In this website, you will find various image processing applications we have been challenging, i.e., human modeling, human motion recognition, vision-based autonomous robots, medical image analysis, etc., by which you may get the idea of what visual sensing is.
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