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We are currently focusing on three research areas: medical image processing, real time video image processing, and signal processing.

Medical image processing

In the medical image processing, our research areas are mainly i) segmentation of region of interest, ii) development of image warping technique for temporal subtraction, iii) development of an image viewer for 3D visualization, and iv) development of a new automatic registration method for simulation on surgical robot based on the medical image. The primary objective of these studies is to increase accuracy of segmentation or detection of abnormalities and reduce the processing time. Finally, we develop a CAD (Computer Aided Diagnosis) system for supporting to radiologists.

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Real time video image processing

With the latest technological advancements, visual surveillance and security system receive a great deal of interest. Until recently, video surveillance and security system was mainly a concern for large-scale companies. In the real time video image processing, we develop a new method for detecting and tracking of the moving objects by using the image processing technique and analyzing of rehabilitation from video image.

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Signal Processing

In the signal processing field, we develop a supporting system for visual inspection of IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) device. In this field, it is necessary to check the products of IGBT manually. To analyze the IGBT device, we develop a method based on multiple dimensional signal processing techniques.

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